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How to curate your little loves wardrobe for ultimate style, fun and longevity!

April 23, 2021 · Life Style

We’ve all been there. Where’s there? That place where we have hit the buy now button on a million impulse buys that seemed like a good idea at the time but now you or your little love have NOTHING TO WEAR.

Why? When you lay their items out in the cold light of day, they miss the mark somehow. Maybe it’s the cut or quality you are having second thoughts on. Or, there’s no synergy with the way they fit together for complete looks. Or, maybe you thought your little one would love them, only for them to refuse to wear it (EEEEK!)

Fast fashion has programmed us to mindlessly buy. It has disconnected us and our children from what we wear. It has eroded the value of fashion. Who cares if they don’t wear it when it only cost $15? Well, how many of those $15 purchases are going to waste? End up sitting crumpled in the bottom of the wardrobe? Fall apart on the first wash? End up in landfill? Fill op shops completely orphaned because no one else wants them?

And what do our little ones learn? That fashion doesn’t matter. That items are disposable. That everyone looks the same. That they have to be a slave to trends and continual wardrobe attrition is a way of life.

It feels numb. Empty. Alone.

Here at Stella Phoenix, we want you and your little one to experience the joy of beautiful pieces.

Wearing them.

Exploring them.

Learning about style. And identity. And how to express yourself through what you wear.

We want them to understand how to be their own fashion icon in a way that feels good for them and positively supports them to be brave enough to be themselves. After all, fashion is an art form. It’s a personal expression and celebration of who you are. It’s something to be loved and shared and valued and passed down. It’s an opportunity to tell stories, to re-live precious memories and milestones.

We understand it can be hard to know where to begin with changing the way you shop and value fashion. It can be hard to slow down. But, the truth is you don’t need MORE.

The customers of ours who get the most out of their wardrobes, and that of their little ones, are those who curate. We’d love to share some tips with you so you can learn how to do this too (and if anyone has any other tips, please feel free to share!)

Disclaimer: curating a wardrobe sounds like a lot of work, particularly for parents who are short on time. However, the investment upfront will save you time and stress later.

Rather than a process or a chore, it will become a way of life. Before you know it, you’ll be picking up the most amazing finds and always have that perfect piece at your disposal. Your wardrobe will become your own personal collection. You will be driving your shopping, instead of it driving you. Bliss!

How to curate your little ones wardrobe:

    1. Choose a colour palette

      The cool thing about colour is that you really don’t have to follow many rules with this. If you want to focus on seasonal colour trends, sure. If you don’t want to, great. If you want to blend a mixture of both, go for gold! The colour palette is yours and yours alone.

      For example, who says that all baby suits need to be pastel pink?

      Think about what colours you are gravitating towards. How they reflect where your little one is in their life. The story they will tell about them. Consider the colours they already have in their wardrobe and how the new palette will fit in. Don’t be afraid to be brave with colour, but ensure whatever you choose is cohesive.

      For example, are you going to go for earthy or pastel tones? Or bright colours? Is there a way you could add a bright colour here or a disco shimmer there that will be a cool complimentary twist?

      The colour palette forms the basis of the pieces you will search for. Depending on what you discover, you might evolve it. It’s a fluid tool, but a good starting place.

    1. Include your little one in the selection process

      It goes without saying that the garment will get so much more use if your little love is invested in it too. This means the cost per wear will go down. Play towards their interests and encourage them to experiment and explore with their clothes.

      Ask her what she thinks of different pieces and looks, gain her buy-in and pay attention to what’s important to her.

      Think about her wardrobe as a set of experiences. If she likes being a Princess, consider pieces that feed into her creativity. If she likes to be a superhero or a rock star, do the same.

      Consider any sensory issues (if your child has them). Don’t be afraid to ask brands about the placement of tags or how they line their garments to make sure it will be comfortable and enjoyable. Pay attention to fabrics to ensure they are soft and won’t be irritating.

      Create a list of non-negotiables based on what’s important to both of you. For example, ethically made pieces or what fabrics you will enjoy (for example, if you hate ironing, linen will drive you insane. You may prefer cotton blends!)

    1. Buy statement pieces as well as great quality neutral basics

      Focus on high quality statement pieces that enable you to create lots of different looks depending on how you style them. The more versatile the better as you are able to have more wow factor while buying less.

      The key is to think about longevity and transition through seasons, moods, events.

      Research different looks and layering techniques to see what catches your eye. Spend time playing fashion stylist with your little one and seeing how many beautiful new looks you can create!

    1. Don’t go overboard on bold patterns

      Matching pattern on pattern can be tricky so keep bold patterns limited. This will make it easier to mix and match. If you like a pattern go for tonal prints or jacquards with a select few statement patterns so mix and match is easier.

    1. Spend time researching and exploring new brands

      Think about ways you can go about discovering new brands and make a list of your go-to favourites. This gets you out of the endless mindset of going back to the same ol, same ol and empowers you to find quirky, unique and good quality brands that will have your little love jumping for joy or strutting with confidence in her new outfit.

    1. Arrange your child’s wardrobe by size

      Once you’ve found all your beautiful pieces, this is a handy tip that will enable you to get the most out of the smaller sizes before they grow out of them. If you’re buying good quality and versatile pieces, they will last through seasons and be able to be packed away as keepsakes or passed along as treasured family heirlooms.

Happy curating!

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